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Wedge Heel Shoe for Women


Wedge Heel Shoe for Women  The women’s shoe first appeared in the fashion world in 1938. Originally designed and manufactured by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Farrago best known for his visual and antique designs on women’s shoes. Farrago made a name for himself as a shoemaker in the film industry in the 1920’s. As a result of his new designs and the quality of his shoes, he was commissioned by men and women stars to make shoes for both screen performance and personal use. Because of his popularity with Hollywood shoes, he became known as the “Shoemaker to the Stars”. fashion style and trends

Among the Hollywood elite

Although her shoes were popular among the Hollywood elite they were not comfortable. To solve this problem he enrolled at Los Angeles University to study anatomy mathematics and chemical engineering. He put his studies into the design of his shoes and broke with the way the shoes were made and traditionally designed and he started making his own shoes both new in construction and comfortable to wear. The popularity of his shoes was growing all over the world but the great demand for his shoes and the inability to meet this request without the help of trained staff forced him to return to Italy. When he found skilled workers in Florence one of the centers of the Italian footwear industry he opened his own shop and began to increase his shoe production.


Leather and rubber the traditional materials used for footwear emerged as a result of the war. Farrago

In the late 1930’s a shortage

of leather and rubber the traditional materials used for footwear emerged as a result of the war. Farrago began experimenting with non-traditional items such as grass felt cork and wood and incorporated them into the design of his shoe. As a result of his experiments with these non-traditional items he made his most prominent designs wedge shoes and cage heel.

Exposed to the heel

of the line with wood or cork as a shoe support. The cork platform is best known for its light weight and durability. Women in his day found it much easier to walk in high heels than shoes with low heels and bought this style not only in its style but in the support of the foot and the comfort we get from walking. Less than two years after it was introduced to the fashion world the line heel became a classic and popular design for women’s shoes around the world.

The heel did not distinguish

His original design of the line heel did not distinguish between the heel and the rest of the shoe except for the back and the sole of the foot raised above the toe of the shoe. It provided a triangular platform on which food sat from the heel to the middle or front of the foot. Today the original design of his platform and the usual high heel shoe has evolved into a more defined heel in some styles determined by platforms belts and lace-up shoes with a variety of embellishments. The heel of the cone today offers a variety of colors and materials made of heels ranging from one inch to more than 4 inches high. Shoe sizes now use a small to extra-large gamut and women of different shapes and walk of life wear this classic style of style and luxury speaker shoes.

Many cultures before

The speaker’s shoe was worn in many cultures before the 20th century but Ferragamo’s new design of the necklace heel brought back the speaker’s shoe to the fashion world. Her ideas ranged from the unusual to the subtle designs worn daily by women and served as an inspiration to other shoe designers of her time. Today her company is still known for its classic designs and concept in women’s shoes.


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