Cone Heels Popular Heel Shoes Today

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Cone Heels Popular Heel Shoes Today


Cone Heels Popular Heel Shoes TodayAmong all the high heels available today some of the newest and most popular designs revolve around line heels. Although the heels of the necklaces do not come close to the stilettos when it comes to the amount of sex appeal we give to the wearer the heels of the stripes have their own charm. For those unfamiliar with many types of women’s shoe line heels are actually considered to be a variation of a high heel. The difference between the heel straps and the popular pumps and stilettos is the more rigid design of the heel itself. fashion style and trends

Heels have short

While the highest heels have short thin and long heels the heels of the stripes by definition have stiff heels. While some may consider these heels to be small on the strong side they are actually some of the fashionable shoe options available today. Initially, they became fashionable when shoes such as modern designs were made in the 1930s. The masterpiece of the masterpiece would have been Salvatore Farrago in Florence one of the world’s capitals. Due to the scarcity of leather and rubber at the time the original heels were made of cork and wood.

The earliest bone bones were found

As a result one of the earliest bone bones was found. This is because the shoes not only put all the stress on one side of the person wearing it but also are very light due to the material used. Another major advantage that comes with this unusual use of these materials is that the heels produced are very strong and durable. They first came to prominence during World War II when leather and rubber items were essential for the production of military goods.

Cork and wood as a building


Therefore those that used cork and wood as building materials at that time were just a few of the options available to design fashion shoes at that time. Given both height and significant improvement in the sense of comfort compared to other high heels like stilettos they quickly became the latest vogue at the time. Like everything in the fashion industry however they are losing popularity over the years. However, in the 1970s line heels were revived with a variety of designs. This period marked the birth of a disco culture that introduced extreme and noisy styles where wedge platforms were popular with both men and women.

Revival of the project

One name responsible for the revival of the project at the time was Yves Saint Laurent who produced many in his collection. Heels reappeared later in the 1990s. The cause of this revival has never been confirmed yet one of the most famous is that the design became very popular among celebrities at the time as a popular group “The Spice Girls”. The most recent return of the project was in the summer of 2006 when some designers fell in love with the Frenchman Thierry de Havvilaud. As such modern designs incorporate everything from lace to wedges to flip-flop designs with low heel-toe.

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