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wedge heel shoes

wedge heel shoes fashion for women

This wedge heel shoes fashion first appeared in the fashion world in 1938. It was originally designed and manufactured by Italian shoe designer, Salvatore Ferragamo, who is famous for his cool and classic designs in women’s shoes. Farragamo gained fame as a shoe and shoe designer in the 1920s movie industry. As a result of…
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High heel shoes

How to choose matching High heel shoes with dress

High heel shoes fashion are one of the most important women’s accessories. If you wear a nice dress for your party while wearing shoes that don’t quite match the dress, you will definitely look weird. Therefore, you always have to be very careful when choosing your shoes. In this case, high heel shoes are the…
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Pair Cone Heels with Your Dress in Perfect Ways

Pair Cone Heels with Your Dress in Perfect Ways The right shoes for most women should embrace both the feminine heels of the heel with the stove and the comfort of the flats. However, the fact is that women are faced with only one choice rather than many choices when doubting between high heels and…
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Cone Heels Popular Heel Shoes Today

Cone Heels Popular Heel Shoes TodayAmong all the high heels available today some of the newest and most popular designs revolve around line heels. Although the heels of the necklaces do not come close to the stilettos when it comes to the amount of sex appeal we give to the wearer the heels of the…
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Wedge Heel Shoe for Women

Wedge Heel Shoe for Women  The women’s shoe first appeared in the fashion world in 1938. Originally designed and manufactured by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Farrago best known for his visual and antique designs on women’s shoes. Farrago made a name for himself as a shoemaker in the film industry in the 1920’s. As a…
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Wearing Your Cat’s Sandals

Wearing Your Cat’s Sandals When it comes to shoes everyone has their own preferences and styles. Naturally, most people like the same shoes and most have a tendency to follow styles but there are different types of shoes and sandals which shows that a person’s taste is not the same as that of the next…
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Fashion Stiletto

Fashion Stiletto Heels Popular Shoes

Stiletto Heels Popular Shoes for Fashion Sense Women   Fashion Stiletto Heels Popular Shoes  The Stiletto heel has started a new trend since entering the fashion world. Since their launch in the last century, these shoes have become the leading shoes of stylish and young women. You can’t imagine being in fashion without getting some…
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Interesting facts on Kitten’s heels

Interesting facts on Kitten’s heels Puppies’ heels are a shoe that has been a favorite choice for women for a long time. They got their name back in their fifties because more and more people of the new generation or in their youth needed to look like their mothers. Shoes manufacturers identified the problem early…
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women’s shoes and Some facts

Some facts about fashionable women’s shoes women’s shoes and Some facts With the rapid change in the fashion world we are becoming more and more accustomed to new and innovative things related to our appearance. Designers try their best to create unique and attractive designs to match our needs. Their efforts are not wasted. In…
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